We’re a group of creative thinkers who are trying to democratize and change Drug Development (DD) and Diagnostics (Dx).

There are benefits to starting from zero.

In 2012, our founding team learned cellular reference material, used as a control for drug development (Dv) and diagnostics (Dx), is sourced and generated from human and animal donors. This seemed crazy to us. To name just a few issues, the existing products were prone to supply chain issues, biological noise, and fundamentally high cost (precluding access to this material for developing nations).

As we dug in more to this problem, the challenge was clear: we needed to make a low-cost synthetic cell (biochemically and optically complex) that retained the benefits of synthetic materials (cheap/scalable production):

Our company's solution to such a fundamental issue is FlowCytes.

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Let us impress you with the agility of our development process and manufacturing platform. We can design and produce your custom cell in as little an hour...seriously. We've made custom products to specifications while on calls with the client.
Some of our clients operate in regulated markets. It's messy, involved, and almost always a headache. We can develop products for any portion of your pipeline, up to and including GxP requirements (ISO).
We encourage you to reach out to us about some off-market applications of our synthetic cell technology. The base manufacturing platform and product can be used in a wide range of applications, including supply chain provenance and other market verticals.
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