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Drug development and diagnostics without limitations

Slingshot’s revolutionary technology is setting new paradigms for any cell-based application.

Our story

High Throughput + Precision Manufacturing

Drug development, diagnostics and adoptive cell therapies without limitations—that’s the world we envisioned when we founded this company over 10 years ago. We cut our teeth in academia, in R&D and in the clinics where we learned first-hand the limitations of biologically-derived cellular reagents: resource-intensive products that fall short in performance and accuracy, unstable and inconsistent over time, and a complex, ethically-challenged supply chain—all leading to unequal access to the most basic diagnostic testing and life-saving therapies.

We knew there had to be a better way.
And there is.

We applied the tenets of biochemistry, high-precision manufacturing and polymer chemistry to create FlowCytes™. These shelf-stable, synthetic cells can be custom printed on demand, at scale, in real-time. Slingshot’s revolutionary technology decreases cost, shortens development timelines and increases stability, impact and accessibility. There is a new paradigm for drug development, diagnostics and cell therapy—one without limitations.


Our mission is to make synthetic cells  the gold standard for all cell-based applications to:

  • Improve the accuracy and performance of biomedical instruments and devices

  • Lower the cost and barriers of drug development and diagnostics

  • Make healthcare more accessible around the world


Our north star is to make healthcare more accessible around the world. We will do that by:

Advancing cell biology to develop innovative solutions for human health

Our vision is to advance the understanding of cell biology, especially in cancer and rare diseases, to help scientists and physicians focus on what they do best—creating innovative cures to treat patients.

Making medical testing simple and accessible

We aim to replace biological cells in medical and therapeutic industries that have been held back by limitations in sourcing, supply chain and bio-based reagents. In doing so, our vision is to simplify workflows in medical testing, remove cost barriers, and enable greater access to all patients-especially in underserved and developing countries.

Making personalized therapeutics a reality

We imagine a future where patients are treated with a drug that is personally designed for their needs. In that vision, our platform technologies will unlock the potential to custom design therapeutics quickly, reliably and at scale for our biopharma partners.

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Advancing human medicine and diagnostic care

We’re building a passionate and dedicated team to make diagnostics and therapeutics more accessible.

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