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The Problem

Sourcing reference material for certain diseases from patient donors or biobanks can be time consuming, expensive, and (at worst) non-existent if the patient population is difficult to recruit or rare. There are also logistical and ethical complexities such as biohazard handling, biospecimen stability, and bioethical restrictions.

The consequence is that there are over 200 blood diseases that lack commercially available reference material due to supply chain issues. This restricts researchers and clinicians to using less than ideal reference material.

Even when there are reference materials, researchers and CROs spend tremendous resources to obtain, quantify, and verify the biospecimens. An organization can waste up to 30% of their time to qualify changeover between different reference material lots.

The Slingshot solution

Slingshot's technology unlocks the power to multiplex several cell features onto one hydrogel bead. Combine the scatter profile of a target cell type with the relevant biomarkers such as clusters of differentiation (CDs), genomic sequences, and morphology. The result is a complete synthetic cellular control that mimics real cells.

Applying our technology potential to reference materials, we can design a custom product that matches any disease biomarker profile and optical properties. We can generate, on demand, reference cells for any disease malignancy in record time.

For researchers/CROs:

  • Eliminate sourcing challenges for rare disease reference material
  • Reduce the enormous time and cost of generating in-house cell biobanks
  • Lower the burden of re-qualifying and QC of batch crossover studies
  • Cost effective and more reliable alternative to Biobanks
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