Custom FlowCytes Biomarker Cell Mimics

FlowCytes Biomarker Mimics enable a new class of quantitation and standardization to be reached with cell analysis. Through extracellular conjugation to biomarkers of interest, these mimics can be customized to create multi-level or multi-lineage biomarker bead controls. Please contact us directly for custom product requests and lead times. All products are subject to Slingshot Bioscience's Terms and Conditions

Achieve a new level of control and confidence in your flow cytometry results. Using the Biomarker Mimics that have precisely set percent positive populations or preset MFI, users can better determine the accuracy of the results. These are ideal controls for mission critical research and QC processes.

FlowCytes Biomarker Mimics yield consistent results, exhibit low lot-to-lot variability, and are stable at 2-8C with long shelf-life.

  • Quantitative flow cytometry
  • Key, mission critical QC processes
  • Track assay variability
  • Multi-test site standardization

Please contact us for inquires about samples, additional customization, or large/volume orders.

$ 400.00 USD
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