SpectraComp Compensation Beads

Slingshot Compensation and Capture Beads are designed to bind your favorite antibody to enable low-background fluoresence signal compensation. These beads have been benchmarked against a range of IgG isotypes and from a range of animal species (rat, goat, human, hamster) and also show superior performance compared to existing comp-beads in the violet and ultraviolet ranges. Take your compensation and panel design to the next level with SpectraComp FlowCytes.

Streamline your flow cytometry workflow with synthetic white blood cells.
FlowCytes contain no biological components and can be stably transported at room temperature.

  • Traceability for Instrument manufacturers with biohazard restrictions
  • Instrument calibration
  • Gating controls
  • QC for biospecimens

Please contact us for inquires about samples, additional customization, or large/volume orders.

$ 300.00 USD
Upgrade your research potential.
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