Key Features

Cell-based reference material is hard to source, unstable, and responsible for multi-billions of dollars in cost related to crossover studies aimed at normalizing batches of material. At the other end of the spectrum, plastic beads (polystyrene/latex) are used  for basic instrument set-up and calibration. But they look nothing like cells. Think baseball vs. bubble of soap.

As we dug more into this problem, the challenge was clear: we needed to make a widely accessible synthetic cell (biochemically and optically complex) that retained the benefits of synthetic materials (cheap/scalable production).

Traceability and Calibration

Use the same exact reference material between manufacturing, deployment, preventative maintenance, and daily QC. Our partners have integrated FlowCytes into routine deployment workflows to reduce on-site FTE time by >70% and to improve variability between testing sites by >5x.

For manufacturers: Reduce time and cost associated with assembly and deployment.

For end-users and CROs: Use the same  settings as the manufacturer and your collaborators/sites to ensure the highest quality data across sites, and longitudinally.

Sourcing reference material for your clinical trial can be time consuming, expensive, and (at worst) a showstopper if the patient population is too rare. We can design a custom product that matches the disease biomarker profile and optical properties of your indication of interest, in record time.

For CROs: Eliminate the time/cost of generating your own cell banks and stop spending resources on crossover studies for re-qualifying QC material.

Clinical Trials - BioBanking


Muti-center testing for consortiums is now routine. Ensure the same settings are used, across instrument platforms, to remove ambiguity in large-scale studies.

For consortiums: Stop relying on variable cell-based reference material and dial in your results, in seconds. Harmonize data across diverse system architectures, users, and sites, in seconds.

>200 blood diseases lack commercially-available reference material due to supply chain issues. We can generate, on demand, reference cells for any malignancy, in record time.

For end-users/CROS: eliminate your sourcing challenges for rare disease reference material.

Rare Diseases


We are constantly developing novel applications for our platform, including extracellular vesicles, genomic standards, and more. Please reach out for inquiries about product lines that are in-development, or for customization projects.


FlowCytes can simulate the optical, biochemical and physical features of any cell. These parameters can be combined to match your cell-type/application, in record-time.

Stop relying on biobanked material and accelerate your product development.

Accurate Light Scatter

At its core, our technology allows us to tune the refractive index of the polymer to match any cellular scattering pattern, instantly, using a proprietary formulation matrix, predictive modeling, and manufacturing platform.

Precisely match your target cell population, in hours. Eliminate batch-to-batch variation in biological controls.

Take your clinical trials to the next level.

Quantitative Antigen Density

Design your ideal Biomarker profile, quantitatively, on any cell subset. Free your research/trial from the constraints of donor pools and BioBanks. We can generate controls for your clinical trial, in record time.

Bring newfound accuracy to your application.

Cell-like Autofluorescence

Unlike existing products for flow cytometry, our Synthetic Cells have cell-like autofluorescence, optimizing the signal-to-noise and increasing the dynamic range of your assay panel.

Experience superior compensation performance for tandem dyes and more. Our products work with the most challenging tandem-dyes, unlocking additional colors for your multi-color and spectral panels.

We are looking for passionate team members who are looking to change the fundamentals of clinical diagnostics and drug development