Traceability & Calibration

Consistently maximize instrument performance

The Problem

No two instruments are exactly alike. Instrument performance varies from instrument-to-instrument, day-to-day, and site-to-site. Therefore, achieving performance consistency and traceability is a challenge.

Current tools to accomplish this are limited to using biological specimens or latex beads. Both of these tools have major drawbacks. Specifically, biological specimens have high variability from lot to lot, unstable over time, difficult to obtain large batch sizes, and require complex cold chain for shipping and handling. In contrast, solid core beads such as polystyrene do not match real cell properties. They are not good substitutes for important cell features such as refractive index, scatter, size, density, and many more.

The Slingshot solution

There is now a better solution: synthetic cells. The first-of-its-kind technology combines the features of real biological cells coupled with the consistency of synthetic, scalable production.

Slingshot's technology enables the freedom to engineer synthetic cellular controls to match the exact forward and side scatter of any cell target. Choose from our collection of accurately matched cell types (such as lymphocytes, monocytes, and neutrophils) or customize your own. Moreover, customize the hydrogels to perform seamlessly on specific cell analyzer instruments.

Use the same exact reference material between manufacturing, deployment, preventative maintenance, and daily QC. Our partners have integrated FlowCytes into routine deployment workflows to reduce on-site FTE time by >70% and to improve variability between testing sites by >5x.

For manufacturers: Reduce time and cost associated with assembly and deployment.

For end-users and CROs: Use the same  settings as the manufacturer and your collaborators/sites to ensure the highest quality data across sites, and longitudinally.

With Slingshot's products, there is now a powerful tool to reliably measure and track instrument performance over time (longitudinal evaluation), across multiple test sites, and numerous machines. Complete instrument traceability and calibration is now achievable!

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