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FlowCytes Synthetic PBMCs

Optimized for cell analyzers

FlowCytes are synthetic particles that precisely match the forward and side scatter of lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes in a mixed population. With simple setup, users can quickly dial-in instrument settings for WBC populations without the need for running biohazardous/biological material, or having to make separate adjustments.

SpectraComp Compensation Beads

Superior multi-color compensation

Slingshot Compensation and Capture Beads are designed to bind your favorite antibody to enable low-background fluoresence signal compensation. These beads have been benchmarked against a range of IgG isotypes and from a range of animal species (rat, goat, human, hamster) and also show superior performance compared to existing comp-beads in the violet and ultraviolet ranges. Take your compensation and panel design to the next level with SpectraComp FlowCytes.

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